Bachelor of Business Management (BBA)

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is offered by the Department of Management Studies as a platform to prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service. It provides the right nurturing ground to enable students to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.
The curriculum for the three year program (6 Semesters), has been designed to enable the students to get an overview of the various aspects related to launching and managing a business effectively; as well as giving them an opportunity to specialize in a functional area of management that they would like to pursue in their careers.
The BBA program provides students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning through various generic electives from the streams of Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Law, Media Studies, Hotel Management and Computer Applications. The program focuses on developing the students and equipping them to meet the managerial challenges of the 21st century. The ability to work in teams is also focused upon as a key skill to be developed for success in the work-place.
The program also aims to develop the student’s independent thinking, decision-making capability and research aptitude. Learning is enhanced through many pedagogical tools like case studies, presentations, internships, research projects, industrial visits, and guest lecturers from a pool of industry experts.
Aimed at the holistic development of the students, the Department facilitates participation in various National and International fests, Seminars and conferences. It also conducts many curricular and co-curricular activities on a regular basis. Social responsibility is a thrust area and students are encouraged to participate in community development initiatives.

Program Objectives
Obj 01- To provide high quality professional education to management students.
Obj 02- To prepare students to meet the managerial challenges of the 21st century.
Obj 03- To focus on the holistic development of the student with conceptual clarity, analytical ability, critical thinking and communication skills.
Obj 04- To prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service.
Obj 05- To facilitate the entrepreneurial journey of students by providing them with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to start a business.
Obj 06- To develop management professionals who are able to leverage theoretical knowledge to design sustainable solutions to real world problems.
Obj 07-To provide the fundamental concepts and theory of business practice and specialized study in a business discipline
Obj 08-To develop an awareness and understanding of the global context in which business operates
Obj 09-To develop an understanding of the ethical and social issues that are a concern to the business community
Obj 10-To prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of the community

Program Outcomes
PO 1- Holistically developed management graduates are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century
PO 2- Graduates who have conceptual clarity, analytical ability, critical thinking and communication skills.
PO 3- Graduates with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service.
PO 4- Graduates who are confident entrepreneurs equipped with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes.
PO 5- Graduates who are able to leverage theoretical knowledge to design sustainable solutions to real world problems with varied specialization and good exposure.

PSO 1: Understanding and getting exposed to the corporate world and present the world with Global Managers.
PSO 2 : Analyses the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of Organizational setting and techniques of Management.
PSO 3:Determine conceptual and analytical abilities required for Effective decision making.
PSO 4 : Understand the problems faced by the business sector in the Current scenario.
PSO 5 : Analyses the Ups and downs of the stock market.
PSO 6: Understand the rapid changes of financial services including Banking and Insurance sectors.
PSO 7: Analyse the various aspect of business research in the area of Marketing, Human Resource and Finance.
PSO 8:Develop ethical thinking.
PSO 9: Develop functional and general management skills.
PSO 10: Inculcate a global mindset.
PSO 11: Evaluate different business problems using analytical and creative, and integrative abilities.
PSO 12: Build and Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills.
PSO 13: Communicate effectively in different contexts.
PSO 14: Analyze socio-political-economic environment of business organizations.

POA1: Many number of students have participated in various presentation and conferences and won several positions equipped to meet todays challenges.
POA2: The students are highly exponential in communication skills and all are well placed in competing job market.
POA3: High Orientation towards positive attitude have made them good managers and well settled in corporates.
POA4: The students have become successful entrepreneurs.
POA5: The students have bridged gap between the theoretical practical knowledge through mastering multiple specialization and are well exposed to industrial visit.

PSOA1: Many students are working in MNC’S as Managers in good managerial positions
PSOA2: The students have setup their own enterprise making use of varied subject knowledge
PSOA3: The subjects of BBA have made them good decision makers which in very important for managers.
PSOA4: Many students have become successful entrepreneurs with good analytical and decision making skills.
PSOA5: The students are well settled and working in the filed of Stock Market and Mutual funds.
PSOA6: Many students specialized in finance are serving in Financial and Banking sectors
PSOA7: Students specialized in Finance, Marketing, HR etc., as made them good managers in their respective fields.
PSOA8: The importance of ethical thinking through subjects like business ethics has made students Ethical Managers.
PSOA9: Subject like Management process has provided good knowledge about various managerial functions to the students which is highly applicable in corporates.
PSOA10: The Global mind set and subject like International Business has made them work efficiently abroad.
PSOA11: The problem solving and decision making capacities of students is improved. Many students have also cleared various competitive and banking examinations.
PSOA12: The best example is that students have become good leaders, Managers, Team heads.
PSOA13: The management graduates are effective communicators and they are seen in the filed of training, counselling, Marketing.
PSOA14: The students are well exposed to various Micro and Macro Environmental factors which has made them good leaders.

Candidate should have passed PUC or 10+2 standard or any equivalent examination.
Note :- With the medium of instruction as English, Students can choose additional language as English instead of regional language.

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