To Inspire Passion, Celebrate tradition & Create Connection with positive attribute.

To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between Alumni and the current students of SCC.
To enable intra alumni connections for development and growth of alumni.
To inspire alumni to contribute towards the progress and development of the institute and academics.
To identify and recognize alumni volunteers who undertake activities of charitable nature that result in value addition for the economic and social cause of the nation.

Key Principles:
To mentor project, research and other professional activities and capabilities of current students.
To co-create an environment of entrepreneurship among current students as well as alumni
To provide a platform for alumni so as to access the talent pool as well as intellectual and infrastructural capacity of the institute.
To promote events & forums that add relevance and value to the alumni network.
To assist the institute in the growth of its academic, administrative, cultural, and extracurricular activities.
To build a collaborative network of changing agents which leads to a positive impact on the society.
Building a worldwide Alumni network.
Communicating with Alumni on behalf of SCC.
Recognizing outstanding Alumni and well-wishers of SCC.
Building a culture of philanthropy and encouraging service to SCC
To assist the institute in the growth of its academic, administrative, cultural, and extracurricular activities.
Supporting the SCC Alumni and all UG students.
Creating opportunities for former Directors to stay engaged with the Association and the College.
The five primary themes that will guide all of our actions are: Involvement, Partnership, Visibility, Volunteerism and Excellence.
One other goal of this alumni is to enrich and perpetuate the bonds between the college and those who have passed through the gates for their mutual growth, support and to build the bondage between students> and parents as well as with their peers.
To serve, preserve and advance as one community of and for liberal education.
Establish a climate of openness, mutual respect, and teamwork.
Encourage initiative and risk taking.
Value each Board member as an individual and profit from our diversity.
Maximize personal contributions and a sense of involvement.
Maximize individual growth and a sense of fulfillment.
Be a role model for actions of the Alumni Association as a whole
We commit to the highest quality in all our endeavors through excellence.
We value students and are dedicated to their support and development.
We believe in lifelong learning through education.
We head into an optimal use of technology to creatively support programs and communication

Alumni Meet
Alumni's shall meet on 15th August of every year.

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