As we become more and more involved with organizations we intend to endow the interaction and time required with each make for a busier and busier schedule. But the bottom line is that it’s giving me and the foundation a much better grasp of each of these organizations and at the same time provides experience in the development of our working relationship with them, and thus is providing excellent insights as to how best to structure our future endowment conformity with them and what programs and projects we have interest in working on together.

While we try to stay focused on our foundation theme of youth leadership training and education and national public policy involvement, every once in a while, something so new and so unique comes along that we take the time to look into it and consider it for possible future involvement and future endowment because of the tremendous impact on humanity and civilization that can result.

Between this short update and the newsletter and the website, you can stay as fully informed as you wish, since there are always new programs and projects “in the works” and we are always meeting with new organizations and groups that seek our involvement or our interns or an endowment from the foundation.

With all good wishes,
Dr. H M Chandrashekar
B.E.(CIVIL), ME(C.T),F.I.E., Ph.D

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