Silicon City Languages and Coaching Centre:

Silicon City Languages and Coaching Centre is a unit of M J Education Trust, approved by Karnataka State Collegiate Education Department. The college is catering to futuristic needs of life and growth for the aspirants not only from the region but across the nation and the globe.

Silicon City Languages and Coaching Centre has been established to train the students who come from various countries to pursue their Degree and Master’s Degree at SCLC.

Many students have taken admission at SCC for various courses in Commerce, Science and Management. Communicating with people from different cultures and languages is full of blessings, but also full of challenges. “Communication brings hearts together” and it involves a series of specific patterns, strategies and unwritten rules which are at the core of a growing study area commonly known as intercultural communication opening a way to learn languages.
The Language of Sharing:
Communication brings people together. Sharing through language, food, music and drink is the core of any human relationship and in this we communicate to develop human transactions, and we share experiences and develop relationships with fellow human beings.

Silicon City is one of the best Language Centre to imbibe, this sharing of cultural and personal experiences with a mix of languages. This Coaching Centre often goes hand in hand with the sharing of different languages to mould the social dimension of human behaviour throughout study in Silicon and continue in the same outside Silicon.

Our Faculties are well trained in English, German, Arabic and French to inculcate the free flow of learning process through different languages to train the students coming with diverse backgrounds.

The Orientation programmes are conducted for improvising the presentation and communication in English language.

It also offers Foundation Courses in Commerce, Management and Computer Science for the students coming from foreign countries with different academic courses to train them with basic patterns, methods and subjects in the above streams. Various cultural committees and forums such as the Skill Forum, The Language forum, the Humanities Forum, Science Forum and Management Forum and the like, keep the students deeply involved in personality development.

Silicon city Languages Coaching Centre offers three months short-term course and 6 months long term course, and the course is need-based, practically oriented as certified Diploma Courses in Foreign Languages such as French, Arabic, German and English.

This program promotes respect for diversity among students and helps to build a positive self-esteem, and goal setting in the students, encourage the development of leadership skills, enables students to make meaningful contributions to their communities and build a lifelong commitment to the society they live in.

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