Academic Advisor

We are proud to announce that Mr. Omar Abdullah S M, a noted Chartered Accountant, an expert on Taxation Matters, a Co-author of the Books on International Taxation, a Columnist with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India's SIRC Journal, is now a Member of the Academic Advisory Council of Silicon City Group of Institutions.

 Advisory Board
 Dr Venugopal, Academic Advisor
 Dr Asif Iqbal, President of Indian Economic Trade Organisation
Dr Ushaa Eswaran, CEO-SEEK
 Dr Anand, Director-SEEK
 Mr Sameer Ahsan, Director-IETO
 Mr Siyaram, Technocrat

SL No.  Name of the Faculty  Qualification  Department
1  Prof. Dr.B Rose Kavitha  MBA, M.Sc, Ph.D., D.Litt(SA), M.Com  Director-Research
2  Prof. Gnanesh.C  B.Com., MBA(FIN), SLET, (Ph.D)  Principal(SCC)
3  Prof. Dr Adilakshmamma .T  B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D  Principal(SCPUC)
4  Prof. Dr Guruprasad  M.A,Ph.D  Academic Co-ordinator & Placement officer
5  Assoc.Prof. Dr Shivani Nigam  M.Com, MBA, PhD   Dept.of Commerce & Management
6  Asst.Prof. Dr Govardhan  M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D  Dept.of Kannada
7  Prof. Dr Shaktivelan  M.Com,Ph.D  Dept. of Commerce
8  Asst.Prof. Deepthi Shirahatti  MBA (HR &MKTS), M.Phil, (Ph.D) HOD(DEGREE),Dept of Management
9  Asst.Prof. Prakash B.A  M.A in Kannada,NET, (Ph.D)  Dept.of Kannada
10  Asst.Prof. Chidananda Naik  M.A, B.Ed  Dept.of Hindi
11  Asst.Prof. Kiran .G  M.Com  Dept.of Commerce
12  Asst.Prof. Silpa  M.Com  Dept.of Commerce
13  Asst.Prof. Ambika BM  M.Com  Dept.of Commerce
14  Asst.Prof. Kavitha U  B.E, M.Tech   Dept.of Computer Science
15  Asst.Prof. Sasikala  B.E, M.Tech   Dept.of Computer Science
16  Asst.Prof. Prathiba  M.Com, NET   Dept.of Commerce & Management
17  Asst.Prof. Mudhaseer Ahmed C  M.Com, ICWA   Dept.of Commerce & Management
18  Asst.Prof. K.G. Rukkesh  M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil  Dept.of Hindi
19  Asst.Prof. Muniraju K  M.Com, M.Phil  Dept.of Commerce
20  Asst.Prof. Naveen Kumar B.N  M.A(Economics)  Dept.of Economics
21  Asst.Prof. Jyothi Gupta  M.A, B.Ed  Dept.of English
22  Asst.Prof. Sabira  M.Sc,B.Ed, M.Ed  Dept.of Biology
23  Asst.Prof. Vijayalakshmi M V  M.Sc,M.Phil  Dept.of Mathematics
24  Asst.Prof. Muruli S  M.A, B.Ed  Dept.of Kannada
25  Asst.Prof. Vipitha K Sunny  M.A, B.Ed  Dept.of History
26  Asst.Prof. Ashwini  M.Sc, B.Ed   Dept.of Chemistry
27 Asst.Prof Abhijith Mishra  M.Com, CA  Dept. of Commerce 
28  Mr Satyanarayan  M.Lisc  Library
29  Mr Murulidhar  M.Ped  Physical Education
30  Asst.Prof. Precilla Mary  M.Com,   Dept.of Commerce
31  Asst.Prof. Malashree  M.Sc, B.Ed   Dept.of Physics