Malpractice by Candidates Appearing in Examination, Procedure and Punishment

Acts of Malpractice by Candidates Appearing in Examination:

  • Malpractice means and includes any one or more of the following acts by a candidate appearing for the Examinations to grant and confer Degree, Diploma and other Academic distinction on persons who have pursued a course of study or have carried on research.

  • Unruly behavior in or near the examination

  • inpossession of any book, portions of a book, manuscript, materials, electronic gadgets or any other matter not permissible to be brought into the Examination Hall.

  • Copying or taking aid from any material or matter to answer in the examination.

  • Disclosing identity by writing any words, name of the student, register number in between the answers or on the pages other than the facing sheet in the answer booklet is considered as Malpractice

  • Communicating with any candidate or any other person in or outside the examination hall with a view to take assistance or aid to answer in the examination.

  • Copying from the material or matter or answer of another candidate or similar aid or assistance leads to act of Malpractice.

  • Making any request or representation or offers any threat or inducement to Supervisor/Room Superintendent or/ and any other official or officer of the College in the Examination Hall or to the Examiner in the answer script.

  • Approaching directly or indirectly the teachers, officers or examiners or brings about undue pressure or undue influence upon them for favour in the examination or valuation.

  • Inserting or substituting in the answer script sheets or sheets of answer script not supplied in the examination hall.

  • Impersonating or allowing any other person to impersonate for him in the examination hall.

  • Committing any other act omission intending to gain an advantage or favor in the examination by misleading, deceiving or inducing the examiner or officers or authorities of the College.

  • Submitting wrong information and claiming any advantage as handicapped/blind.

  • Appeal to the examiner with money as enclosures to the answer book, use of abusive/obscene language, or threatening words in the answer book.

  • Destroying any evidence of Malpractice like tearing of pages from answer booklet or mutilating the answer booklets or going away from the examination hall without handover of answer booklet to the room invigilator is treated as act of Malpractice.

Functions of the Malpractices Enquiry Committee

  • The Malpractices Enquiry Committee shall consist of the Principal, the CoE and two senior most members of the teaching staff. The Principal shall be the Chairperson of the committee.

  • The Committee shall have all the powers to issue notice, summon the candidate and witness, record their statements and recommend appropriate punishment/penalty.

Procedure and Penalties

  • The Malpractice cases reported by the Chief Superintendent/ Valuer/ Custodian in sealed covers to the CoE shall be opened before the Committee only. The Committee after verifying the report and recording the material enclosed thereto shall make an endorsement to that effect.

  • In case a student is found indulged in Malpractice during internal exams, then such student shall be debarred from writing remaining internal exams scheduled at that time. However, after counselling a candidate is allowed to write upcoming internal exams if any.

  • In case a student is found indulged in Malpractice during End Semester Examination, then such students shall be debarred from appearing proceeding examinations and the present and previous papers written by the student shall be considered disqualified and the same shall not be evaluated and the student result will be declared as fail.

  • The Malpractice committee shall submit a detailed report mentioning the recommendation on the penalty and punishment to be imposed, for the consideration of the Principal.

  • The Malpractices Enquiry Committee is empowered to recommend suitable punishment for any malpractice which is not covered under any of the items defined in the above schedule of penalties

  • Candidates involved in malpractice shall not be permitted to keep terms for the next higher course or pursue other alternative courses till their term of punishment is They shall also forfeit their scholarship/fellowship/financial assistance/admission in hostel during that period.

  • In the case of failure by the student to attend the inquiry on the specified date, the committee shall inquire into the charges alleged against the student and impose the necessary penalties and

  • The student is awarded punishment only once though he / she may have indulged in malpractices in several papers. This punishment will be decided taking into consideration all malpractices during the End semester examination.

  • Possession of Electronic Gadgets with accessible memory or retrievable by any other means containing materials related to the subject / Materials or matter on hand, palm, calculator etc. / written, printed matter or scanned copy or xerox copy thereof, which is/are relevant to the paper the student is writing, borrowing materials from neighboring students will be considered as Malpractice and suitable action will be taken against the student.

  • Writing any other information on the question paper other than Register number is also considered to be as Malpractice and suitable action will be taken by the committee.

  • Mal-practice if detected at the time of valuation by the Examiners then it should be brought to the notice of CoE along with appropriate However, such answer books shall be valued in the normal manner and the marks awarded will be kept in pending mode and the results of such students shall be withheld.

  • All mal-practice cases shall be heard by the mal-practice committee and disposed off within 45 days from the date of announcement of results.