Procedures and Policies

The College Administration Department plays an important role to facilitate the smooth conduct of regular college activities in a smooth way

For the maintenance of physical infrastructure, for the availability of potable water supply, communication lines, upkeep of garden and trees, maintaining cleanliness in campus are some of the major activities of the department.

The Administration Department shall attend all calls for ensuring repairs to the computers and classroom infrastructure from time to time after they get such repairs to their notice.

Policy details of systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, Academic and Support facilities The house keeping of the entire Campus is done by the supporting staff and ministerial staff of the college daily. The maintenance of computer hardware, software and networking are taken care by Maintenance in-charge of Computer Department.

Regular maintenance of equipment's in all laboratories is carried out by the technical staff at the departmental level, whereas in some cases, it will be referred to the sales and service people for providing services to the equipment. Concerned laboratory in-charge reports the case to HOD Security staff is employed to safeguard the whole premises. In case of the damaged Non- functional equipment's, reports are submitted to the Admin Authorities from time to time and necessary repair is undertaken

accordingly. Physical facilities: The physical facilities including Computer Laboratories, Classrooms and Computers etc. are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college.

The classrooms, boards and furniture facilities are utilized regularly by the students. The maintenance and the cleaning of the classrooms and the laboratories are done with the efforts of the non-teaching staff and persons appointed on daily wages. All the stakeholders have equal opportunity to use those facilities as per the rules and the policies of the institution.

The computer laboratory connected in LAN is open for the students and staff. Office computers which are also connected through the LAN The college website has maintained regularly. College has got various equipment like, 2 photocopier machines, printers, CCTV cameras, Audio system, Inverters, etc. The maintenance of those facilities is regularly done through call basis to local skilled persons and the expenditure is done from budget gained by college from different sources. Academic and Support Facilities the academic support facilities like library, sports are provided to students from time to time.

Center for Professional Development is open not only to the college students but also to the faculty members to horn their skill sets. Accession to library is available from morning 8 am to 7 pm in the evening. The activities like keeping library clean and supporting staff. The play ground is used by students, staff and the local community. The daily walkers utilize the college ground both during morning and evening times. A competitive examination, a separate system is established by the college, which supports the students by providing the career opportunities from time to time and preparing them for competitive exams.