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Aspiring towards global competency by creating a conducive physical and intellectual environment to infuse a culture of research that contributes towards transformation of the society.

The centre of research actively promotes research and inculcates research culture. It aims to accelerate the research temper of the college through innovative projects, publications and research extensions.

• To inculcate research culture in the institution
• To publish innovative research articles in UGC recognised journals/Scopus/ with high impact factor
• To undertake major and minor research projects of international/national funding agencies
• To motivate faculty members in research funds and filing patents
• To foster research collaboration with external organisations
• To contribute to societal development through research extension activities.

• Director Research and Academics
• Principal
• HOD s of BBA, BCA and BCOM

A business lab is created in the school of commerce and management with appropriate tools and resources for research and innovation. The business lab has well maintained computer systems with updated tools and software to enable statistical data analysis through data analytics, data mining and data modelling. The systems have tools like SPSS and advance Microsoft excel to enable such business analytical work.

The department of commerce PG of the college striven tirelessly in pursuit of excellence in commerce education and inculcates research culture among the students. The department was established in 2013 with an objective to create quality commerce teachers, researchers and to make the commerce students to meet the challenges in industry
A number of research papers have been published in nationalised and international research journals and some of the research papers have appeared in journals with high impact factor. The college library has more than …………..commerce related books ….journals and ………… online journals and books for the purpose of carrying out the research. The department strongly believes that it will produce quality researchers in commerce and research work.

Employers prefer commerce graduates because of conceptual/theoretical knowledge of business which is useful to the organisational activities, and recruitment of such commerce degree candidates reduces the cost of make it more attractive and practise oriented, every college should start a commerce laboratory and demonstrate the business activities.
The commerce laboratory is a new concept, wherein students practise their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. In addition student’s carryon more and more experiments. Mock commerce and business activities are undertaken in laboratory. By this method of learning and practicing, candidates will develop self-confidence of running a business profitably and understand the practical difficulties.
We have provided a well-furnished room with internet connectivity. We have kept teaching aids like projector, video-camera, multimedia, laptop, and TV, CD and LCD players to help and practise. Discussion rooms are converted for conducting meetings, interview, and group discussion. Display photos of the successful business icons, their idols and the way of working, their goals, their growth and achievements are displayed. This will motivate students to set their life goals and try to be ambitious. Keeping videos, books and writings related to such big giants and their success stories, so as to understand how they can be successful.
1. All kinds of forms used in banks, finance corporations, Insurance, tax departments etc. like pay-in-slips, NEFT , RTGS forms ,account opening forms, debit , credit , ATM cards to understand the rules and regulations applicable to them and the procedure for applying and precautionary measures to operate them. Students are asked to fill such forms.
2. Bank loan advancing documents like agreements relating to Lien, Pledge, Hypothecation and Mortgage are kept.
3. Prospectus, share certificates, debentures certificates, memorandum of association, articles of association, annual reports, director/chairman’s reports, auditor balance sheets , profit and loss accounts of various companies are displayed, which will help students to study, compare, evaluate and analyse the financial positions of those companies.
4. Financial bills like bills of exchange, promissory notes, quotations, DD, and cheques are kept.
5. Posters, advertisement copies, prospectus regarding professional educational courses like CA, ICWA, CS, MBA, PG and other higher educational courses are to be displayed to help them to choose the courses of study.
6. Notifications, amendments, circulars on various financial matters issued by reserve bank of India kept as assignments.
7. Insurance regulatory authority, stock exchanges, government departments are kept.
8. Various magazines/journals/bulletins relating to marketing, finance, management and daily newspapers like the economic times, the business line and the financial express are displayed.
9. Best practices of research in commerce: students are asked to fill up the income tax, sales tax and municipal tax returns and were asked to submit in the respective departments. For imparting practical knowledge, the tax practicing consultants to be invited for providing the latest information.
10. Today most of the returns are submitted through internet (online).hence practical submission of returns to be practiced in the college itself by the students.
11. Online stock exchange activities are shown to the students by which they can understand the mechanism of share market
12. Share brokers are invited to train practical aspects of share transactions and also the precautions to be taken in mock meetings, interviews , group discussions, elections, voting and selection of candidates , problem solving, negotiations etc. are practiced in the lab which will facilitate them to develop communication, participation and presentation skills.
13. These activities are recorded and replayed so that the students can understand their mistake sand rectify them. Various sessions are conducted to build and aid communication, presentation, leadership skills.
14. To facilitate role playing activities like marketing, management, meetings, discussion etc., a full-fledged meeting room with a mike system and furniture is provided.
15. Organise seminars, conference and conduct competitions related to business activities to develop healthy competitions among the students conduct preparatory (mock) competitive examinations like FDA, KPSC and banks.
16. Get affiliations to run accountancy courses, company secretary, cost and works accounts and bank examinations courses.
17. Organise sales melas and exhibitions to involve our students to develop the leadership qualities and to build organising capacities.
18. Invite non commerce students and the public to visit the lab, and understand the business transactions.

The above activities are done in the commerce research labs. A creative feature can develop number of activities to suit the present business situations. This commerce laboratory helps the teachers to undertake research work and performance extension services.
Establishing a commerce lab does solve some of the practical problems faced by the students.

‘The institute shall open its service sand share its knowledge resources for the mutual benefit of institutions, industry and neighbourhood’.

Centre for continuing professional development (CCPV) – imparting training to teachers of schools and colleges on psycho-social understanding the learners.
Centre for life skill education (CLSC) – trains youth and teachers of various educational institutions, NGOs and other organisations in the ten Crore life skills.
Centre for employability and corporate relations (CECR)-conducts training programs on soft skills and offers placement extension services to neighbourhood institutions
Department of commerce and management conducts training programmes for government school teachers on stock market and marketing decisions.

1. Orientation for research is done by conducting 3 FDP in SCC
2. Personal financial planning
3. Skill development initiative june-july 18th 2017. With IT and ITES, SSC NASSCOM and NASSCOM foundation. To become institutional members of :
• AIMA- failed
• FKCCI- success
• NHRD- failed
4. Made foreign students and MCOM students to publish research papers in various conferences
5. Initiated advanced certifications on equity and trading and investment with ICICI direct
6. Home science, deities, chemistry and zoology-VHD central institute of home science.