Aspiring towards global competency by creating a conducive physical and intellectual environment to infuse a culture of research that contributes towards transformation of the society.

• To inculcate research culture in the institution
• To publish innovative research articles in UGC recognised journals/Scopus/ with high impact factor
• To undertake major and minor research projects of international/national funding agencies
• To motivate faculty members in research funds and filing patents
• To foster research collaboration with external organisations
• To contribute to societal development through research extension activities.

The Institution has a research committee to monitor and address research related issues. The Research Committee consists of the following experienced researchers/research guides:

SL No.  Research Committee List  Position
1   Dr.B Rose Kavitha  Director-Research
2   Dr Sakthivel  Member
3   Dr Chandrashekar Member
4   Mrs Ritu Gupta  Member

The Research Committee’s priority is to promote the research initiatives of the faculty, to motivate them to undertake research and facilitate the research activities of those who have already embarked upon research. The committee constantly opens up research avenues for them by disseminating information on research aspects and procedures.

The Research Committee has made several recommendations to implement the institution’s research initiatives: To hold regular meetings and discussions about research areas and avenues.
• To constantly monitor the research activities of faculty.
• To assist researchers in their research
• To inculcate research culture in the institution.
• To enable faculty members to acquire analytical and research skills.
• To encourage faculty members to write, present and publish research papers.
• To encourage and motivate faculty members to register for research.
• To provide incentives for research, e.g. paid leave, allowance, travel expenses
• Participation fee to attend research conferences and visit research institutions.
Thanks to the recommendations of the Research Committee and their approval and endorsement by the Management, there is a significant and visible impact on research work in the institution. Faculty members have written, presented and published many research papers. An increasing number of faculty members have registered for research. They are eager to attend FDPs, and research-oriented workshops. Some are engaged in project work. Not only faculty members but UG and PG students also are afforded research facilities and resources, thus paving the way to a conducive research culture on the campus. The efforts of the institution in this direction are listed below: Poster presentation: Posters are presented by students from the sidelines of the
• international conference convened by the institution every year. When students zero in on a topic, work on it, research it and exhibited their findings in the form of a colorful poster. Through this exercise/practice students are initiated into research.

Incubation Centre: is meant to create research culture among faculty and students.
• Project Orientation programme: Working on a project and writing a report in Sem V
• Research is part of all the courses. Every student selects a project in a company/ concern / undertaking which the student visits, works on the project and prepares a report. Every student is assigned to a faculty guide. However, before students start working on their projects, a project orientation programme is conducted in the college for not only students of this institution but also for students of other colleges. Experienced researchers and research guides take the students through various stages of the project and its reporting.

Industrial and study tours: Tours are undertaken to expose students to industries and enterprises, to aquaint them with the challenges they face, to demonstrate how management principles are applied on the ground.

Industry: Successful entrepreneur Institution interaction through special lectures,and industrialists are invited to deliver special lectures based on their experience of building up a venture.

Research SOP
Faculty and students are encouraged to convert their innovative ideas into beneficial products through the Industries present in On-Campus Incubation Centre.
The Institution has a stated Code of Ethics for research, the implementation of which is ensured by the following:
1. Silicon City College has an Institutional ethics committee which oversees the implementation of all research projects related to Mcom, BCom, BBA and BCA courses.
2. All the projects including student’s project work are subjected to the College ethics committee.
3. The Institution has plagiarism check software based on the Silicon City College policy
4. SOPs for research, norms and guidelines for research ethics and research publication guidelines are followed regularly by the Institution.