Dr. H M Chandrashekar a great visionary and pillar of Silicon City College has a greater focus for setting the teacher learner relationship and defining their roles and coming out with learner strategies and learning outcomes.

Dr H M Chandrashekar has predefined Silicon City College as one of the best college in Bangalore, in India, in Asia. He believes that one can achieve higher education through conventional learning and with progressive pedagogical tools. Most of us will spend time in trying to understand the meaning of learning, or how it occurs? Although many of us have a general sense of what it means to learn, there are often many assumptions involved. Teachers often assume that, because they are teaching, students must be learning. Students assume that, because they have read their text and memorized facts, they have learned something. But in Silicon City College we take care of the overall personality development of a student by adopting the following process:

  • Personal responsibility,
  • Ability to act in principled, ethical fashion,
  • Skill in oral and written communication,
  • Interpersonal and team skills,
  • Skills in critical thinking and problem-solving,
  • Respect for people different from oneself and ability for change.

The teaching and the learning approach is more conventional but still catering towards the needs of corporate requirements. Conventional learning contributes to learners learning in the form of developing their skills and improvising their communication. It is basically the method of qualifying a career at the same time E-learning is also adopted for academic and occasional education purposes. Finally one can understand in Silicon City College the teacher and the books are the main sources of knowledge.


Dr. H M Chandrashekar