"The True Essence of education is to impart whatever we are acquired in the field of education."

The primary objective of education is to frame and mend the lives of the students to culminate their destination and to build their future. In Silicon City College we foster the learning approach with intellectual honesty, responsibility for society moral health and for social justice and active participation as a citizen of a diverse democracy. Students performance is assessed by written exams frequently with specified date and time.

The teaching and the learning approach is more conventional but still catering towards the needs of corporate requirements. Conventional learning contributes to learners learning in the form of developing their skills and improvising their communication. It is basically the method of qualifying a career at the same time E-learning is also adopted for academic and occasional education purposes. Finally one can understand in Silicon City College the teacher and the books are the main sources of knowledge.
Thus education is a task that needs to be handled with care and affection, as it is a process that defines the entire gamut of the generation to come.