Silicon City PU College, established by MJ Education Trust is one of the fastest growing educational institutions in Bangalore. The institution has seen an unprecedented growth and recorded a remarkable achievement in providing quality education at the Pre-university and graduate level courses. Working towards the ultimate goal of promoting the social, cultural and educational aspirations of all the sections of the society, the college has been imparting contemporary education designed to meet the needs of computer age students. With ultra modern teaching facilities, the institution offers student-centered and growth oriented education meeting the aspirations of all most all the categories of students, who wish to shape their career in a holistic approach. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty firmly believes that today's teacher is the architect of tomorrow's generation. Therefore, they dedicate themselves in meeting complete requirements of students and aspirations of parents. They constantly guide, counsel and motivate students to prepare for facing future challenges, while en-cashing the opportunities in the rapidly changing and competitive world.

With a view to develop the students, innovative methods of teaching are followed to make sure that the learning process is made as comfortable as possible. While adhering to the curriculum as laid down by the Pre University Education Board, the institution strives hard to achieve the goal of making them competitive in all walks of life.

Dr Adilakshmamma T

Realizing the need to upgrade the skills of faculty members, every effort is made to ensure that they acquire the skills to impart education that is need based and practical. In this context, guest lectures, industrial visits, weekly assessments, faculty sharing coupled with sports and cultural activities blend the young minds with skills and competency that are required to face this competitive world.

We train and mould the young minds to blossom in a natural way to spread the fragrance of life everywhere to meet the challenges of 21st century. Our vision and mission is all-round development of students. Inter-alia, our commitment is to train students with soft skills, analytical skills, yoga and meditation and the competency to handle complex life situations with ease and comfort. Imparting value based education has been our consistent goal in our thoughts and actions on day to day basis that are ultimately directed towards fulfilling the aspirations of students and parents.

We take it as an opportunity to welcome to the world of knowledge based education and the institution of learning, where the expectations transpire into success in every walk of life.