Distinctiveness of the Institution

Silicon City College was established in the year 2007. A renowned family consisting of a Philanthropist, a social reformer and group of highly educated personalities were responsible in giving birth to the MJ
Education Trust. It was long dreams come true for the family to establish the most respected educational institution in Bangalore.

 The Missions of the Institution is:

“To provide a joyful learning environment that empowers students to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem"

Adhering to the mission of the institution, it has created the wonderful and joyful learning environment which empowers the student to achieve the zenith of the educational and personal potential. Silicon City College has a vast beautiful campus of about 3.5 acres situated in a semi-urban area at Krishna Raja Puram, Bangalore. The location of the institution and the environment is peaceful and calm. Commutation network is very strong and the movement of the people is very convenient in all directions.

The Vision of the Institution is:

“To reach, educate, inspire, grow and nurture today’s generation”

The institute has very successfully lived up to its vision to reach out one and all, to provide quality education by inspiring and nurturing the rich values of the human resource and community that we live in. Most of the students of the institution are from the rural and remote areas. In order to support them economically the institution provides scholarship facilities to the needy and talented students.

Imparting the Best Education the Students:

Silicon City College students have bagged the highest marks at Bangalore University Level during 2014-15. Kunal Gourav, with Register No: 11G6C18024 with Code:G6, securing 79.75% with university’s 9th Rank in BBM Degree Examinations held during May/June 2014.
Secondly, Silicon City College has marked its distinctiveness yet again, which was communicated vide Annual 52nd Convocation Provisional Rank List of Bangalore University, dated 22-11-2016, for the year 2016-17 by capturing (a) University 3rd rank by Smita Kumari Karan with Register No: 13G6C24015, securing 80.06% , (b) University 4th rank by Suman Kunwar with Register No: 13G6C24017, securing 79.63% and University 8th rank by Deepak Kumar Sah with Register No:13G6C24005, securing 78.03%, in the BBM Examinations held during May/ June-2016.

Imparting the Best Education to Foreign Students: 

The College imparts the best education to the students of foreign origin. The college has admitted foreign students, whore were chosen under different scholarship schemes, administered by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the academic years 2016-17,
2017-18 and 2018-19. During these Academic Years total `12 students are admitted, of which, 06 students from Afghanistan, 01 student from Indonesia, 01 student from Myanmar, 01 student from South Sudan and 03 students from Bangladesh. 07 students from Nepal and 2 students from Srilanka.
Most of the students, who have graduated from this institution have been pursuing higher education and are an asset to the nation.
In order to keep the students motivated and inspired the institution holds various workshops by motivational speakers.
The quality of education provided by the institution has resulted in the personal growth of the students which may be emotionally or economically.

The college has been providing comprehensive programs to the various students from the State, Nation and across the globe. The dedicated faculties impart world class education by providing the most innovative teaching learning practices to develop the intellectual abilities imbibed with social, moral, cultural and ethical values. It has developed very strong relationship with industry leaders and business experts from all the profession to impart specialized training to prepare the students to competitively and successfully place the most demanding global requirements.

At Silicon City College, a proper encouragement is given to visits of places having the Historical Importance as part of bringing proper awareness on the History and Heritage of the Country. The college has arranged a visit to a Museum, wherein the students have seen the Halmidi Inscription (the First Inscription of Kannada), Pre-historic Things, Historical Maps, Copper Plate Inscriptions, War Weapons, Miniature Paintings, Models, Dress Material, Hand-written Manuscripts, Temple Reliefs, Temple Sculptures, Hero Stones, Masti Stones and Memorial Stones etc.

The College is specialized in celebrating the Week as “Colors’ Week”. To elaborate, the college commemorates the event to bring in the importance of the item, choses for that week, linking with a colour.

Enactment of Nirvana Shatkam:
This event goes in search of self in a human being. It’s a cultural representation of what Adi Shankaracharya has specified in his writings on searching the “self” in a human being. It’s about “ Whom I amn’t?” During the enactment, right from the attender of the college to the Chairman of the College, the spirit of identifying and searching the element of “self” in everyone has gone on.

Suggi Festival:
Silicon City College celebrates Suggi Festival during Harvesting season of the year, i.e., during Sankranti Festival times. The event goes on by upholding the cultural and traditional representation of the event that had gone during the olden days in villages. This adds extra colour and vigor to the event due to the fact that the students hailing from rural background will enthusiastically celebrate this event with the utmost happiness and gaiety.